Hi, I'm Claire!
Welcome to my Product Design portfolio.

Projects and Press

Company logo: Charrette Creative.

Charrette Creative

My "agency style" website, for niche freelance clients.

Project logo: English Dialect Project.

English Dialect Project

A visual dictionary website for learners and translators of English (MVP).

Company logo: SWARM NYC digital product agency.

Interview with Claire Harr: Product Design Manager

An interview I gave about product design, while employed at SWARM NYC: Digital Product Studio and Venture Lab. Recorded in 2021, 35mins, audio only.



Resume - as data visualizations

Don’t have time to read my LinkedIn profile or my resume? Totally understandable...

Here’s all the important info, reformatted as three data visualizations.

PLEASE NOTE: these are best viewed on a desktop or tablet screen.

A polar chart with 8 points. A data visualization (illustration) titled: Self-ranking of 'Product Designer' skills.
A map. A data visualization (illustration) titled: Places where I have lived.
A timeline. A data visualization (illustration) titled: Timeline of experience by role type.

Work Samples

Available by request only

Most of my product design and UX research work is covered by an NDA (non-disclosure agreement), and therefore cannot be displayed publicly. To request samples of my work, please send a message via LinkedIn:

Let's Chat

Some things we could chat about

In addition to product design and related topics, here are some other things that I’m passionate about:

Tall buildings 
+ sustainable urbanism

Since 2018, I have been a member of the CTBUH organization's "Height and Data Committee" who determine which buildings and structures are the tallest in the world.

Drone photography 
+ videography

This is my fun hobby! I love to explore cities and nature from a bird’s eye view.

Small electronic instruments

I have quite a collection of little “toy” electronic instruments, including stylophones, an otamatone, and a tiny theremin.